Welcome to our brand new ‘Meet a Maker’ blog, where each month we will be featuring one of our wonderful sewers from our thriving Sewing Community. If you would like to be featured please fill out our Meet a Maker form here.

We would like to introduce Tina, from Rock Island Illinois.

Tina first began sewing only 2 years ago when her 3 daughters all left home and she needed something to do whilst her husband was working. Tina was having to deal with Multiple Sclerosis, a nervous system disease which can cause visual disturbances, muscle weakness and trouble with coordination amongst other symptoms.

Frocks and Frolics - Meet a Maker Tina from Illinois

Tina was finding that her hands and legs were beginning to lock up painfully. She was watching YouTube one day and found the Frocks & Frolics channel, where she started watching all of Marina’s videos! Tina was so inspired that she picked up a little $40 sewing machine the next day and has not stopped since. I think you can agree that she has created some gorgeous clothes!

Tina loves sewing because it is so peaceful and relaxing, and makes you feel so good when a project is complete (we all know that feeling!). Tina says that “My extremities are getting better, not on the dozen of different medicines, [but because] sewing makes me feel so much better.”

Frocks and Frolics - Meet a Maker Tina from Illinois

Tina’s has made the Kitty Tunic, the Virginia Blouse & the Natalie sundress for her grandchildren but the Natalie is her favourite because it is so easy to do. You can find the sewing patterns featured here:

Click here for the Kitty Round Yoke Tunic Sewing Pattern

Click here for the Virginia Tunic & Dress Sewing Pattern

Click here for the Natalie Sundress Sewing Pattern

Her top tip is to never stare at the machine needle going up and down!

A big thanks to Tina for sharing her story, it is so inspiring and just shows that you don’t need to have loads of experience to get started and sew something beautiful. If you’re inspired by Tina’s story and haven’t tried sewing before, check out our free introduction to sewing course over on the Academy which you can find here. If you would like to get started with sewing straight away, check out our Beginners section at the sewing academy here.

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