Christmas stocking, free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

Christmas is the time of year we all love to craft and sew. Once all the baking, decorating and sewing is done the house feels so warm and cosy. We’re lucky with the weather here in California but I have adjusted so much even 7 degrees feels freezing to me (I’ve forgotten those German winters!). This lovely little Christmas Stocking sewing pattern was created by me, and you can find the pattern on the Academy here – it’s a free course so you can just sign in and download your free PDF Christmas craft patterns.

Welcome to our Christmas Craft Series

Over the next three weeks, we will be showing you how to make some gorgeous Christmas crafts, like this Christmas Stocking that you can whip up in no time. Best of all, they’re suitable for beginners and free, so you can give these a try and even get the kids involved in some Christmas crafting. Make sure you share those craft photos with us so we can see what you’ve been making!

free Christmas stocking sewing pattern

SI chose a really rough sack cloth for my Christmas stocking, combined with a super cute cotton check fabric. I think that a larger check in a more rustic cotton would have been even nicer. Start by cutting out your templates/patterns. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

free Christmas stocking template

You will need the boot-caps and the stocking. Cut the boot-caps, stocking and lining 2 x each. Make sure that they are mirror image.

Christmas stocking free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

Sew the boot-cap to the Christmas Stocking with a blanket stitch. Don’t sew around the cap, we are catching that when we close the stocking. If you want to sew with a simple straight stitch you need to add 1 cm seam allowance to the edge. Then you can turn the upper edge in and top stitch close to the edge of the boot cap.

sewing tutorial stocking, free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

Close the sack cloth boot, leaving the top open. Then close the check lining and leave a turning gap in the side. Make the turning gap about 5 cm. Just enough to get your fingers in.

How to sew a Christmas stocking free sewing tutorial

Snip all your curves so there is no tension on the seams when the Christmas stocking is turned.

stocking tutorial  free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

Place the sack cloth stocking into the lining stocking with the right sides facing each other

sewing a Christmas stocking  free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

Pin and sew the top edge together.

sew the top edge of the stocking together  free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

This is a little tip for all your sewing. Always sew from the inside of your piece. It is easy to keep rolling the fabric forward with your left hand and feeding it into the presser foot.

how to sew a stocking, free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

Turn the stocking through the turning gap. This might get a bit fiddly so take your time.

top stitching the stocking,  free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

Close the turning gap. Pin the edges of the seam on top of each other. Then top stitch really close to the edge.

Christmas stocking sewing pattern, free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

Push the lining into the stocking and turn over the edge.

free stocking template,  free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

Just add a cute ribbon to the top part of the stocking and it is ready to be placed on the tree. Just right for those little surprises this Christmas.

free stocking tree ornament  free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

You could also shorten the lining pieces by 6 cm (2.4 inches) and add an 8 cm (3.1 inches) piece of fur instead.

handmade Christmas sewing club,  free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

Don’t forget we also have this tutorial as a sew along in our academy. Sign up, enroll and enjoy! There are many fun activities we are going to do coming up to Christmas.

Christmas templates free, free pattern by Frocks & Frolics

Coming up…

We have a fun sew-a-long starting the Thursday the 15th of November for a seasonal half apron for you and your kids. Get your pattern now and go fabric shopping for a Christmas themed apron for you and your kids. It is going to be such fun and only the beginning of our handmade Christmas.

We thought it would be fun to create all sorts of decor using the templates which come with the ‘tree skirt’ pattern. You just can’t beat little snowmen! They are so cute. And as a special thank you for new subscribers you can get the pattern and instructions FREE! Just follow this special link.

free sewing course for Christmas

christmas apron pdf sewing pattern

what I need for sewing a stocking

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