Knowing how to draft a circle skirt is essential because, trust me,  the love of spinning seems universal. The best thing you can sew your girl who loves spinning? A circle skirt!

Drafting a circle skirt may seem an intimidating sewing project, but with this tutorial even a beginner can tackle it. I’m going to walk you through both how to draft a circle skirt and how to sew a circle skirt. If you prefer to skip the drafting you can find a complete circle skirt pattern here. 

I think that the best way to sew a circle skirt is when the circle remains untouched and no opening is required.  Especially if you choose an embroidered tulle for the upper and a sating for the lining.  In the video I made such a circle skirt and needless to say the girls loved it! Tina and Magdalena were over the moon when they unpacked the parcel of goodies I sent to them.

The Formula for the perfect circle skirt:

How to draft the circle skirt is based on a very simple formula. I will take you through it step by step. To avoid a fastening, you want to make the hip measurement the opening. Measure your hip. That is going to be the circumference of the waist of the skirt.  In order to draft the pattern you need to work out the radius. The radius is the distance from the center of the circle to where the waistline will be.

Formula: Circumference ÷ 2 π (2 x 3.14) = Radius

how to draft a circle skirt,formula
how to draft a circle skirt, measure radius

You need a piece of paper big enough to accommodate ¼ skirt. Work out your radius. For this pattern we are using the hip measurement (this is the widest point of your hips or your child’s). Now draw another line 1 cm up to include the seam allowance.

Draw the radius from the corner. You can make a make shift protractor with a pencil and the tape measure.

how to draft a circle skirt, measure skirt length
how to draft a circle skirt, skirt length, add seam allowance

The line in red is the actual length of the skirt. You need to add another 1 cm seam allowance. Cut out the skirt. Congrats, you have successfully drafted a quarter of the circle skirt.

I would duplicate it, to create a complete circle. It is easier for cutting out multiple layers of fabric. Choose a beautiful embroidered tulle for the upper material and a smooth satin for the lining.

how to draft a circle skirt, cut out the skirt

Place lining and shell fabric on top of each other with the right sides facing each other. Place the pattern piece over the top and weigh it down, anything goes, cans work well. Cut out the skirt and pin the outer edge all the way around. Now you are ready to assemble your skirt.

How to draft the Waistband

Woven Material: The waistband length has to be the hip width plus 2 cm for the seam allowance. The waistband width has to be double the width of the elastic plus 2.8 cm for the seam allowance and a little movement room.

Knitted Material: For a yoga waistband measure the waist and simply use that measurement, as you are working with stretch fabric.

how to draft a circle skirt, close the waistband
how to draft a circle skirt, turn the skirt

Understitch the hem. This means sewing the lining to the seam allowance. Iron the edge and lay the skirt flat. If the lining shows in the waist area, please trim it to match the shell fabric.

how to draft a circle skirt, pin the lining to the upper material

Pin the lining and shell together, along the waistline opening. Divide the skirt and the waistband into four equal parts and mark with a small snip.

how to draft a circle skirt, snip the waistband

Close the seam of the yoga waistband with a 1 cm seam allowance. I would recommend using a ballpoint needle as its does not leave holes in the fabric. It is also unlikely that it will leave out stitches.

how to draft a circle skirt, fold over the waistband

Iron the seam apart.
Iron the waistband lengthwise in half. Divide the waistband into four equal parts starting at the seam.

how to draft a circle skirt, pin the waistband to the skirt

Divide the waistband into four equal parts starting at the seam. With the rough edges facing upwards place
the waistband over the top of the skirt and merry up your snips.

how to draft a circle skirt, inserting the elastic

Stretch the waistband to fit the waist length of the skirt. Finally serge the edge, again stretching as you go to
ensure that the elasticity is retained. Done! That was quick, right?

So what are you waiting for?

This is probably the quickest and prettiest circle skirt sewing pattern ever! You can make it yourself or use my pattern. If you are in a rush, well use my pattern. If not, have a go at drafting. I would encourage you to give it a shot and make it for yourself, your friends and kids. In fact you be like my friend Ela, who fell completely in love with making them, that she made them for so many friends and family, she lost count!

These are great to pair over leggings as it gets cooler. Choose your favorite fabric to sew up a skirt today. Let me inspire you with Ela’s makes. She is the queen of the circle skirts.

From whipping them up for her daughters ballet lessons to making them for friends and family, she is never far away from planning her next circle skirt.

One of my favorites is the tulle skirt for ballet classes, matched with a satin waistband. The trick is to always make the hip measurement the waistmeasurement and then hold in the rest with a cool knit waistband or elastic tunnel. It works a treat and looks fabulous.  Can’t wait to see yours.

Watch the video version and learn how to sew the skirt with a jersey, yoga waistband. It fits like a dream and the fact that you don not need a fastening makes this a winner!

I hope enjoy this pattern as much as I did when I first drafted it.It is incredibly simple but well thought out so you can experiment to your hearts delight with plain and fancyful fabrics. Check out the combinations of this wonderful Autumn/Winter collection.
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