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Welcome to Frocks & Frolics!

 PDF Sewing Patterns

and online sewing courses

Whatever your starting point, we have got you covered!


Girls patterns run from either age 1-12 or 1- 6 years of age. Get ready to fall in love with designs that fit perfectly and will delight your little girl.


We have the classics perfected for you.

  • Boys shorts age 1-16

  • Waistcoat age 1- 12

  • Cool shirt age 1-14 

With these staples you can really get creative!


Teen sizes start at 13 years of age and go up to a bust of 96 cm.

Our Vivienne is a wonderful starter for so many gorgeous designs. It has seven separate bust sizes for each size, making the fit perfect for all teens and smaller framed ladies, too. 


Ladies sizes starts with very small sizes, equivalent to age 12 but then go up right to size 22 (US). That way we have a lovely pattern for all shapes and sizes. Our selection is small and beautiful with every product carefully designed to fit perfect. 

Sew yourself happy!

The Indian Summer Collection is a triple whammy! With super easy, wide leg pants and the Manhattan top, a bias cut tank top, you can't go wrong. For all the expert sewers out there, the Grace blouse is a worthy challenge and the result is just adorable. With the detailed video instructions everything is possible even if it takes a bit of time.  

Not sure where to start?

Watch this presentation about Frocks & Frolics, it covers:

  • what happens when you purchase a pattern

  • how to download and print your pattern

Don't take my word for it!

A review is more important to me than anything else, when I purchase  ANYTHING! The best place to get  unedited  reviews is on Facebook, so here are a few reviews, from my lovely ladies, for you. I would love for you to  visit and leave your review on our Facebook page.

Annika Behrens

Marina is brilliant, she makes beautiful patterns for beginners and advanced sewers, with great tutorials. And you can access everything easily on her academy website

Ela Berbic Brown

Great patterns accompanied with amazing video tutorials stepping you through like a sew along, ensuring that your finished project will be as good as one made by a pro. Patterns are suitable for beginners and advanced sewers and you can trust that fit will be just right and no adjustments needed as they are done by a professional couture designer Marina Brumpton. I am more than pleased with all of her designs and tutorials and highly recommend her patterns.

Hamida Albusaidi

I have started with Frocks and Frolics  3 weeks ago. The instructions and guidance from the videos are excellent to follow. The patterns are easy to follow. Thank you so much.

We almost forgot the Baby & Toddlers!

This collection is so darn cute and each sewing pattern is different, not more of the same. They fit so well and look absolutely adorable. 

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Recent Feedback

Frocks and Frolics are amazing. Patterns are the best with great videos. Any skill level can learn to sew there great patterns. If you have a problem wonderful service from designer. Thank you so much for everything.

— Anne, via Facebook


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