As every year Christmas came and went much too fast. Now it is a cloudy day with a distinct winter chill in the air and I am looking forward to a wonderful spring and summer!

Earlier today I packed up the Christmas tree and return all the colorful ornaments to the garage. Before all the memories are neatly packed away too somewhere on my iPhone, I would like to share a few moments from Christmas break with you and a few of the things I look forward to this year.

My Christmas project this year was the cutest little Christmas apron. I did my first sew a long, which didn’t quite work out so well as I broadcast on my private Facebook page instead of the Sewing Circle. My young friend April helped me film it all and after two hours she could hardly feel her hands anymore. Still we had a laugh and she was rewarded with a traditional English Christmas dinner at Thanksgiving.

I was torn who to give the spoils too but settled on my mother in law. This year we went to England to spend Christmas with my husband’s family and Linda, said mother in law, always does a ‘well timed’ roast with all the trimmings.

Christmas half apron pdf sewing pattern

How she does it, I have no idea. My kitchen always looks like a bomb has dropped with a dash of exploding dishes, (that is another story lol) and slips on gravy spills. In short, my burned parsnips are legendary!

Goodbye 2018

Some things never saw the light of day, like the gorgeous Grace top which never made it off the computer and into the shop, so that is now our spring blouse for ladies, releasing in March. We will run some tests for it in February, so you might want to join the testing group, if you would love to model the ‘Grace’ for us.

I did have success with the classic girl’s coat which is now called Charlotte. I had been asked many times over the years to extend the size range for the coat many times and in November 2018 I finally managed it. Although the new videos and pictures, plus new look instructions will have to wait, you can enjoy the classic coat at the super low price of $5.50 until I finally get round to it.

Just before Christmas I had also worked on a new romper pdf sewing pattern for the shop. My friend Ela, who takes most of the gorgeous photos for the shop, had requested a romper pattern for years and with baby Victoria, the latest addition to the Brown family, she was always on the hunt for a good one.

Snap Fasteners DIY

Not so successfully, she didn’t like the fit and style on the ones she tried. Easy, I thought and started making a pattern for her and all other mums in search of a good pattern. As per usual ‘easy’ was not so much the optimum word. I soon figured out that sizing varied greatly even in the shops and I compared many different makes in my quest. So, I designed and made mine with a facing. It worked fine and looked good but really wasn’t beginner friendly! So back to square one…..

Finally and many rompers later, I went back to the standard and decided to just bite the bullet and do a neckband. Wrapping the tips over in the front got rid of the stretched neckline business and a few weeks later I decided on the best method for fastening around the legs. As per usual I made a pair for Victoria and another one for Kieran the newest addition to my husband’s family. I was really worried that the neckline would be tight but as it worked out it was just right.

So, get ready for a whole lot of baby things this spring, I am ready for more!

Hello 2019

I have a plan which includes new sewing courses for beginners and includes a range of patterns plus some pattern cutting courses for beginners. Not beginner sewers mind. To cut a pattern you must understand sewing first….. I was planning to have the first pattern blocks in by Christmas and failed miserably! So, I am scheduling it in for this January.

I am glad to have a little help for the new year from Jo, who helped set up the new website and will be taking care of all the things other than sewing patterns. This means I can concentrate on the sewing patterns, which is what I love best. Let’s hope she has good internet where she is…. Jo is currently travelling around South America with her partner experiencing many new and exciting things.

Fingers crossed 2019 is going to be the best year for Frocks & Frolics yet!

And that is it.

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