Welcome to a whole new experience of Frocks & Frolics! Learn to sew with the most detailed video instructions anywhere on the Internet! We have created a special ‘Learn to Sew’ area with video access on frocksandfrolics.com

Find all the sewing courses linked to a specific pattern from Frocks & Frolics and hundreds of free videos showing you all manner of sewing techniques and beginner projects, as well as advanced skill projects.

This is how it works. Once you purchase a pattern on frocksandfrolics.com and set up an account during the process, the matching sewing course will be unlocked for you at the academy.


Having the Academy, allows me to make my courses even more detailed and create small mini chapters you can easily navigate.  If you loved the video courses so far, then you will absolutely be over the moon with the new format. I also gathered my YouTube sewing tutorials into the course structure. For example our free ‘How to insert a Zipper’ course contains all seven YouTube videos. So have a look and enjoy the ‘Frocks and Frolics Sewing Academy‘.  As you all know, I was a school teacher for Textiles before I started my online teaching.

This blog and the sewing courses are excellent for students too! I am hoping you all spread the word and get students of Textiles to this blog and the sewing academy. If this had been round when I was a teacher, I would have enrolled all my students and used both patterns and video courses for my sewing lessons. Free sewing lessons are a gift for both GCSE and ‘A’ Level Textiles.

So have a look and enjoy the ‘Frocks and Frolics Sewing Academy‘.

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