Let’s borrow from our Virginia sew-a-long a little. I showed a whole variety of sleeves you will enjoy. Puff, flutter and plain sleeve are shown in detail.

A cap sleeve is great because you can completely insert it into the lining. If you haven’t got a serger, the Borrito method is brilliant. I also show you how to work this sleeve with binding when you are not lining the bodice. I made this video as this sleeve is included in the teen Vivienne dress sewing pattern.

Part of the cool shirt course, I show you in detail how to insert a shirt sleeve. These sleeves are typically put in before the side seam is closed. If you love this video, have a look at the cool shirt course. The pattern runs from baby to size 16.

How to sew a short sleeve is also part of the Vivienne teen sewing course. It creates a very cute look by using elastic across the shoulder. This video has been viewed over 80k times for a reason. Its essential for a basic skill set.

I absolutely love this very simple method to create a cuff with a slit. Another basic method you can use for all your sewing. I used the Vivienne dress sewing pattern as my example for this sewing method.

How to insert a plain fitted sleeve into a lined jacket is a must know video packed with awesome sewing tips you will love. This video is part of the Paris jacket sewing course, an effective way to widen your knowledge and skill. A lined jacket is always a steep learning curve. I think with video support you can do it!

A raglan sleeve is very simple to sew and ideal for a beginner because it does not require you to hold in the sleeve head. This is part of the Jelly Bean Sweater sewing course. It includes inserting a placket into the shoulder seam. You can leave that out of course.

Another video showing you how to insert a sleeve into a lined coat. It’s one of my older sewing tutorials, so the video quality isn’t quite there but I think it does show you a vital part of sewing. Its part of the Charlotte coat, which is coming back to the shop this winter.

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