Dungies Sewing Course

They are perfect for every day, super easy to make and take less than 40 minutes (!!!) to sew. The most important thing though – they are practical as well as cute. With no difficult snap fastenings or bindings it is perfect for complete beginners. If you want to sew for your baby, grandchild or as a special gift this is the perfect starting point.

Frocks and Frolics - Lollipop Romper Sewing Pattern

Lollipop Baby Romper Sewing Course

A perfect start to sewing baby clothes with lots of beautiful design elements to make for an interesting sewing course, including skills like raglan sleeves and inserting snaps.

Baby vest pdf sewing pattern for beginners, Frocks & Frolics

Classic Baby Vest Sewing Course

This truly is a must-have pattern for toddlers and trendy pre-teens. Make it with fleece and brushed cotton for your precious little girl or venture on to shaggy fur for your cool pre-teen! With this easy and fast pattern, your girl will be most comfortable and stylish to boot!

Frocks and Frolics - Bubble Gum Joggers Sewing Course

Bubble Gum Joggers Sewing Course

This is a great introduction to sewing baby clothes and I have added lots of beautiful design elements to make for an interesting sewing course, including skills like a super easy side pocket, its a new method not seen anywhere else.


Jelly Bean Sweatshirt Sewing Course

Sewing with stable knits is a skill you need when your kids need comfortable clothes. I wanted a well fitted raglan with placket fastening so kiddos that are sensitive to having jumpers pulled over their heads have a button fastening. Of course you can leave the placket off and have a simple sweater pattern, too.

Sewing Patterns for Baby are a great way to learn how to sew with knit fabrics. Don’t be scared. download this awesome guide to help you choose the correct fabric at the correct weight. The baby sewing patterns are very popular in our sewing group, which I highly recommend you join. The group is monitored all the time, so if you have a question or are stuck, there will be someone that can help. We are an incredibly diverse group of ladies and few gents, that love sewing and support each other. 

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