Girls Vintage Dress, pdf sewing pattern, Frocks & Frolics

Isabella Vintage Dress

Isabella is a fantastic Vintage dress for girls with three size options for every age.

Girls Bolero Jacket, Paris, PDF Sewing Pattern, Frocks & Frolics

Paris Bolero Jacket with Shawl Collar

Our FREE Scarlett is a vintage skirt just right for twirling. It is a double layer skirt and comes with a pattern and a measurement chart. So if you don’t want to print rectangles, no problem use the chart.

Frocks and Frolics - Mimi Pinafore Dress Sewing Pattern

Mimi Pinafore Dress

This gorgeous little dress fits like a glove and can be worn all year round. You can choose to add the applique pockets or leave them off depending on your skill level.

Frocks and Frolics - Toddler Sewing Pattern

Beatrice Blouse

Fall in love with a blouse for all occasions! With vents on both sides and button down back closure this vintage blouse ticks all the boxes for a fun sewing project.

Frocks and Frolics - Melinda Skirt, Sewing pattern, pdf, Minnie Mouse, Frocks and Frolics, sewing

Melinda Sewing Course

When you need an easy project, which looks like real 'pro-sewing' this is your go to. Very easy to sew with stunning results. Just wait till you see the little kitty cat pockets. Adorable!

Frocks and Frolics - Vintage Bolero Sewing Course

Classic Bolero Sewing Course

It's free, fabulous and your friends won't believe this bolero jacket did not come from a high end boutique. I usually teamed these lovelies with my flower girl dresses but they look smashing with a pretty skirt or trousers too.

Frocks and Frolics - How to Draft and Sew Ruffle Skirts

How to Draft and Sew Ruffle Skirts

In this course I show some really neat methods for creating ruffle skirts, which are easy to sew and look absolutely stunning. The team spend some time cooking these methods up and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Frocks and Frolics - How to insert Sleeves

How to insert Sleeves

Sleeves can be a headache! I know, so here we are sewing and inserting a wide variety of sleeves. I hope this will help and also give you some inspiration for your next project, with sleeves.

Frocks and Frolics - Scarlett Skirt Sewing Course

Scarlett Skirt Sewing Course

Our FREE Scarlett is a vintage skirt just right for twirling. It is a double layer skirt and comes with a pattern and a measurement chart. So if you don’t want to print rectangles, no problem use the chart.

Frocks and Frolics - Lilou Bow Sewing Course

Lilou Bow Sewing Course

Lilou is is a beautiful vintage bow sewing pattern for beginner. It features a lace trim around the tails of the bow and the center tie. The video tutorials are as always very detailed, so even a complete beginner can use this vintage sewing pattern. If you are a beginner, then Lilou is for you!

Frocks and Frolics - Georgina Sun Dress Sewing Course

Georgina Sun Dress Sewing Course

This woven dress has a loose fit with a pretty bodice perfect for embellishment. The dress has no fastening, which makes it perfect for beginners. There is also a brilliant hack for this included, you won’t want to miss out on that one.

Frocks and Frolics - Amelie Knit Tunic Sewing Course

Amelie Knit Tunic Sewing Course

This lovely unlined knit dress has a loose fit with a drop waist flowing into a cute pleated or gathered skirt. The video content is free so have a look if you would like to get your teeth into this one.

Frocks and Frolics - Jutta Wrap Skirt Sewing Course

Jutta Wrap Skirt Sewing Course

This is a fantastic beginner’s easy sewing pattern! If you’re new to sewing or fancy a quick project then this is the pattern for you. It has an elasticated back which makes for a snug and comfortable fit and is perfect for school and playtime.

Frocks and Frolics -Virginia Blouse Sewing Course

Virginia Blouse Sewing Course

The course shows you how to make the blouse with a turned up cuff or keep it simple with an everyday knitted cuff and choose to fasten the back yoke with buttons or snaps. It includes the sew-a-long with a wide variety of sleeve options.

Frocks and Frolics - Megan Sewing Course

Megan Sewing Course

This lovely lined dress has a loose fit and adorable fold over front detail. Ideal for beginners and those looking for a very quick sew. The method used is absolutely fab for all those slim shoulder strap dresses. The video tutorial is free, so check it out.

flower girl dress, girls dress, party dress, party frock, pdf sewing pattern

Flower Girl Dress Sewing Course

If you have been selected to make all the flower girl dresses for the wedding and worried about all of it, this is the course for you! It provides you with a wonderful selection of videos covering everything from the pattern, cutting out to making an amazing petticoat.

Western Blouse, sewing course, sewing a girls blouse, free sewing course, sewing a collar, fitting a sleeve, frocks and frolics YT

Western Blouse Sewing Course

Let me show you how to sew adorable puff sleeves with a very smart turn up and a classic shirt collar. I got a little carried away testing different techniques and finishes. From adding diamante’s to cute ruffles, I just couldn’t stop myself. All video content is free, so see if this one is right for your next project.

Frocks and Frolics - Dakota Coat Sewing Course

Dakota Coat Sewing Course

Learn how to sew a coat with side pockets and either a hood or collar and the classic buttonhole or bound buttons. This course includes separate video instructions for both the lined and unlined version of the coat.

Frocks and Frolics - Caitlin Circle Skirt Sewing Course

Caitlin Circle Skirt Sewing Course

The course will show you how to sew a lined skirt with three different waistband options from yoga waistband to woven waistband with elastic inserted. This skirt works perfectly with the Joanna cardigan sweater from our Winter Wonderland Collection.

Frocks and Frolics - Maisy Bermuda Shorts Sewing Course

Maisy Bermuda Shorts Sewing Course

You can make these as simple or as complex as you like, and the video tutorials show you lots of techniques such as belt loops, piped pockets, welt pockets and more. The smaller sizes on these shorts accommodate a nappy whilst the older sizes do not.
The simpler pattern is perfect for beginners, with extra details being added for more for advanced sewers.

Frocks and Frolics - Lily Tunic Sewing Course

Lily Tunic Sewing Course

Learn how to sew a blouse with front box pleats and a dainty rouleaux loop fastening, You’ll be making this tunic all the time I promise. It is a fast sew and looks like it walked straight out of a fancy boutique.

Frocks and Frolics - Daisy Knit Tunic Sewing Course

Daisy Knit Tunic Sewing Course

Learn how to insert raglan sleeves and a super cute back closure. It is perfect for beginners, looks great and is comfortable to wear. I used the same fabric throughout but you can emulate the college shirt look by mixing and matching fabrics for sleeves and the body.

Frocks and Frolics - Rockabilly Blouse Sewing Course

Rockabilly Blouse Sewing Course

This blouse also works well as a jacket in combination with a t-shirt. For this blouse I am using French seams throughout, so you get to learn how to make a couture blouse with no serging insight. This is helpful if you don’t have a serger yet and hate your seams looking messy.

Frocks and Frolics - Joanna Cardigan Sewing Course

Joanna Cardigan Sewing Course

This cardigan is as beautiful as it is versatile and can be worn through all seasons to keep her warm and fashionable! Designed to finish at the waist, this cardigan has been a big hit with our sewing friends and can be made with a fur hood or adorned with soft roses.

Frocks and Frolics - Millie Dress Sewing Course

Millie Dress Sewing Course

This lovely dress has a front yoke and oversized puff sleeves. Get ready for cuteness overload pockets and of course the super sew-a-long hack tutorial where we are adding a cross over back.

Natalie Sun Dress Sewing Course

Natalie Sun Dress Sewing Course

A sun dress is a must have every summer and this one has lots of options, so you can choose to keep it simple or add little flourishes as you go. Create the illusion of a full petticoat skirt or add two different sashes – its all in the course.

Frocks and Frolics - Kitty Tunic Sewing Course

Kitty Tunic Sewing Course

This lovely pdf pattern can be used as either a tunic top or a dress, depending on your needs! It’s a great versatile dress and looks lovely with a t-shirt underneath when it starts getting a bit cooler. This tunic also features some fun novelty cat pockets and a lovely fastening at the back.

Frocks and Frolics - Bonnie Skirt Sewing Pattern

Bonnie Skirt Sewing Course

Its a great project for a beginner with a penchant for adding embellishments. The skirt is easy to make and if the diagram instructions still have you befuddled, the video course will make sure, sewing will a breeze.

Frocks and Frolics - Audrey Capris Sewing Course

Audrey Capris Sewing Course

Audrey is a wonderful sewing pattern with plenty of vintage flair. It features a slim line silhuette, fitted waistband, gorgeous pockets and optional zip closure. The Capris pants are part of the Vintage Collection and another fabulous pattern you won’t want to do without.

Frocks and Frolics - Frances Skirt

Frances Skirt Sewing Course

Frances is a lovely pleated skirt with yoke and button closure along the front edge. Part of the Vintage Collection, it its another fabulous edition you won’t want to do without. The pleated skirt is easy to sew, the fit of this sewing pattern flawless and you have plenty of options for variations.


Tilly Crop Top Sewing Course

This crop top is super easy to make, fits brilliantly and you have plenty of options for variations. In fact come up with a new one, I would love to add your makes to the customer gallery.

Frocks and Frolics - Betsy Skirt Sewing Course

Betsy Skirt Sewing Course

Beginner skirt with or without the hem trim. The closure is a front placket just right for those decorative touches. To make sure its a comfy skirt we added a little elastic to the back. You can choose from the standard elasticated method or the adjustable elastic.

Frocks and Frolics - Connie Cropped Top

Connie Crop Top Sewing Course

Connie is the cutest and probably simplest crop top you will make. With elasticated back it fits perfect and you don't have to worry about fit issues.

Frocks and Frolics - Rosalie Peasant Top Sewing Course

Rosalie Peasant Top Sewing Course

Learn how to combine woven fabric and knit fabric. This is the ideal entry-level project for sewing with knits. You can whip up a top in no time. Simple instructions and a video tutorial will guide you along the process.


Vivienne Sewing Course

From bodice to flattering circle or box pleated slimmer cut skirt this has been our best seller for years! Its an evergreen pattern, classic in style and never out of fashion. All the videos are free so have a good look if this could be your next project.

Princess Dress PDF Sewing Pattern, princess costume, Belle costume, Frocks & Frolics

Princess Dress Sewing Course

Don’t be intimidated if you don’t have much experience – although it looks professional, it is easier to do than you might expect. You can make it with a knit back or a zip. This dress can be used for a wide variety of princess costumes. Just check out our customer gallery below.

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