Basics Beginner Sewing

Learn to Sew – Sewing 101

Basics Beginner Sewing gives you an excellent start. Dip that toe into the sewing waters gently. Sometimes those waters can be rough, from choosing your first sewing machine to being bombarded by advertisements for things you apparently MUST have. I have seen many people spend a fortune on books for pattern drafting, before they could even sew a straight line! Don’t do that, ‘Basics for Beginners’ really is just that, all about ‘Basics’.

Where to start on ‘Basics Beginner Sewing’?

I would start with my blog post on sewing machines, followed up with my video about my wonderful Pfaff sewing machine. Before you start sewing, you will likely wonder which patterns are best, so I am giving you my opinion below. It’s based on personal experience and of course not everyone’s is the same. So, your experience might be quite different! If you already have a sewing machine sorted, start on ‘Sewing 101’. This course is free and covers which gadgets you really need, most used seams and methods for closures, such as KamSnaps. Then move on to the presser feet course, which covers a whole lot of sewing machine feet, you might want to use. After a little practice, carry on and choose your first projects.

For all beginners I would highly recommend our Facebook page and Facebook group. The group is monitored all the time, so if you have a question or are stuck, there will be someone that can help. We are an incredibly diverse group of ladies and few gents, that love sewing and support each other.


Frocks and Frolics - How to Apply Bias Binding

How to Apply Bias Binding

This puzzels a lot of newbies but it doesn't need to. Bias binding is not hard if you use the correct one. I introduce you to three must know methods in this free sewing course.

Frocks and Frolics - How to Sew and Insert Pockets

How to Sew and Insert Pockets

Dive head first into pockets from super simple patch pockets to more advanced welt pockets. I remember really struggeling as an apprentice. I wish I had my videos back then! This course is completely free so nothing can stop your fabulous pocket adventure.

Frocks and Frolics - Learn to Sew First Steps

Sewing 101 | Learn to Sew | First Steps

New to sewing? Then this is the place to start. I included a range of video content from seams to hems, which will help you get off to a flying start. This course packed with video tutorials and information is free for members.

Frocks and Frolics - Presser Feet Demystified Sewing Course

Presser Feet Demystified Sewing Course

Ever wondered what those wonderful and scary looking presser feet are for? Let me show you exactly! I am using universal presser feet from a 'Madame Sew' set which work ever so well. This course is free just enrol and get started.

Frocks and Frolics - Beginner Sewing Projects

Beginner Sewing Projects

This is my treasure chest for wonderful projects even a complete beginner can do, with a little help from Marina's video tutorials. In my sewing courses these were the favorite projects for my students and I hope you will enjoy them too.

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