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  • Amelie knit dress, pdf sewing pattern, frocks and frolics, raglan sleeves, sleeve bands


    $4.50 excl. VAT (EU only)
  • Frocks and Frolics - Audrey Capris Pants Girls PDF Sewing Pattern

    Audrey Capris

    $8.50 excl. VAT (EU only)
  • Beatrice blouse, frocs and frolics, vintage blouse, sewing pattern, downloadable, girls blouse, blouse

    Beatrice Blouse

    $8.50 excl. VAT (EU only)
  • Brooklyn Waistcoat

    $8.50 excl. VAT (EU only)
  • Bolero sewing pattern

    Classic Bolero

    $0.00 excl. VAT (EU only)
  • Cool Shirt

    $7.50 excl. VAT (EU only)
  • Dakota Coat

    $8.50 excl. VAT (EU only)
  • Cummerbund sewing pattern, frocks and frolics, downloadable pattern, flower girl dress, wedding, bow, sash, learn to sew

    Flower Girl Dress

    $10.50 excl. VAT (EU only)
  • Jelly Bean Sweatshirt

    $8.50 excl. VAT (EU only)
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