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All about Fabrics & Fibres

Welcome to the All About Fabrics and Fibres Sewing Course.

When you buy a piece of fabric, your main concern is usually the fabrics fibre content.  It is important to know the difference between natural fibre and chemically produced fibre. They will perform very differently, so you need to choose the right fibre content for the project at hand.  Equally important though is the quality of yarn used and the way it is woven. Weaving can create amazing effects and add lustre to a fabric.

This course explains all of these and we are going to share more learning videos as we expand this site.  If you can’t wait to learn more feel free to download my learning booklet. The booklet was created for my students many years ago. It covers all the principles of yarn and fabric production to detailed fabric analysis. Know which fabric is suited for the job and start choosing your fabric with confidence.


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