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New The Bubble Gum Joggers

May 2, 2019

And rolling out number the third member of our baby Collection of PDF sewing patterns! The Bubble Gum Joggers. You can check out the video below to see what it is all about!

 As always when you design a new sewing pattern there are many ideas flying around your head and by the time you know how to go about it, there sure will be plenty of hick ups. My main aim was to make a simple pair of pants or joggers which any beginner could sew.

 Secondly I wanted it to have some special features and thirdly I wanted it to fit awesome! The fitting awesome was no trouble thanks to my awesome tester squad!

 So once the shape was done I added some fun feature side pockets. Can't say I invented them though, I actually saw them in a shop and was like "That is genius!" Of course turning it into a pattern wasn't that easy, what I had seen didn't really translate to 'easy sewing'. But long story short I did manage to translate this brilliant technique into a method even a beginner can follow.


 The pocket started like any other side pocket but I added another piece to the side and transformed it into something which is akin to a welt pocket only dead easy. So here is how I did this!

 First you sew the pocket lining to the slanted edge of the front piece. This part is like any other side pocket.

 Then it gets interesting. You iron the seam apart and the open the pocket lining and front piece out.

 Place the side pocket piece over the top, right side facing down. The center of the side piece sits on the seam line exactly. Then flip the piece over.

Mark down 3 cm from the top and bottom and stitch in the ditch. Sew down from the top and the lower end. This creates the pocket opening. Crazy cool or what?!?