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5 Reasons you should master the button down shirt

hen you're ready to level up your sewing skills button up shirts are likely on the list of clothes you're going to consider sewing. 

If you need a push to get started sewing button down shirts consider these reasons, and see how I can help you make the leap at the bottom. 

1. Dressing up will no longer be a fight. You can use your kid's favorite colors, prints, let them rock their own personal style.

2. Learn new techniques, in manageable pieces. Shirt construction is easy to break down into smaller steps. That means you can master one new thing at a time. Making a shirt is full of small victories! 

3. Knock down the intimidation factor of any sewing project. When you see the amazing finished project you've produced you'll be able to say, I could make that, to so many other projects. 

4. Buttons! (or snaps)

It seems like most sewing rooms have a container of buttons waiting for the perfect spot to be sewn. Whether you can't stop buying vintage buttons or love finding new ones that coordinate perfectly a button down is a great place to break out the button stash. 

If you find button holes intimidating, or your kid want's to dress themselves and hasn't mastered the button yet, you can often substitute a kam snap. See my full tutorial on how to install them. 

5. Button down shirts are for everyone, dress up or every day. You don't need a formal event to sew a button up. Use your favorite print for an every day top! 

Still not sure you can sew up and button down? 

What if you had someone sewing it with you? 

The button down featured above gives you just that. A full video series to walk you through the construction. You can do this, we can do it together. Check it out.