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Boys Shirt Sewing Pattern:

This boys shirt sewing pattern runs from ages 1-2 right up to 12-14.

This super cool and urban inspired classic button down boys shirt sewing pattern is anything but run of the mill. It has a collar and collar stand, integrated front button placket, which makes it up to date and easier to sew too! The cuffs are buttoned and have the traditional gentleman's closure. If you thought that's too difficult then watch the video and think again. It’s easy if you know how!

The back yoke is lined with a contrast fabric and the back shirt has two pleats to allow for movement, making it comfortably loose with a longer curved back and shorter front. I love using contrast fabrics because they always add interest and also save on fabric cost. I usually have something suitable in my stash. I suppose most of you have much bigger ‘stashes’ judging by what I see on Facebook groups. So get in there find a match and experiment.

The boys shirt sewing pattern can be finished with buttons or snaps. There is a separate video showing you how to insert snaps too, so you don't have to worry about messing it up. I did use the snap setter tool for the snaps. It’s an awesome tool you should not be without. Recently I dug up a cheap alternative on Amazon too. Yes it takes 3 weeks to come but at 1/3 of the usual costs its one I wouldn’t miss out on.

Video Tutorials:

Like all Frocks & Frolics sewing patterns, the boys shirt sewing pattern includes easy-to-follow instructions with photos showing you how to sew each step plus the signature video tutorials.Just scroll down and start watching, you won’t be able to stop yourself making not one but a whole lot of cute & cool shirts.

Boys Shirt Digital Sewing Pattern

You’ll receive two emails immediately after purchase. An invoice with a link to download PDF files of the pattern and instructions, which you can print at home on either DIN A4 or US letter size paper and a receipt. Please check your junk mail if the invoice is late. You can also access your pattern at any time through your account. Just log in and download. If you complete the purchase as a guest you have one time access only and will not benefit from updates to the pattern such as age extensions and added features in the future.


Stylish and adventures hobby sewists.


Light- to medium-weight fabrics, plain weave cotton, chambray, lighter weight wool.


  • Fabric: 1m-1.5 m depending on size
  • Matching thread
  • 9 buttons or snap fasteners
  • 0.30 m (1/4 yard) iron-on interfacing – light weight
  • Sewing machine and basic tools, including an invisible zipper foot

Thank you for visiting the boys shirt sewing pattern. I can't wait to see what you will create!

Customer Reviews (11)

Shirt pattern review

Posted by Rose Scott on Aug 3rd 2018
I love this pattern. I have made several shirts for my grandson and each time my daughter is asked where to buy the shirt! The pattern design is so well thought out. The video is incredibly helpful and the end result is amazing. I am looking forward to making more shirts for my grandson as he grows.

Button down Shirt

Posted by P S Parker on Jul 13th 2018
I adore your patterns and have bought others from you. They are really, really well put together, the fit is perfect and the videos have incredible detail. Every step shown so clearly that you cannot get it wrong. I am still making the Natalie dresses for friend's children, they love them, I have never made a boys shirt before so, although I am a bit nervous I know that I will be fine as I have you helping me step by step. Thank you so much.

Shirt pattern

Posted by Jeanne on Jun 29th 2018
I loved the video, it was so clear, informative, educational and a joy to watch. As for the pattern? What a bargain for such a few $.!

Cool shirt

Posted by Kikirikou on May 16th 2018
It doesn't look easy, but with Marina's instruction everything was more than easy!!!!!

Shirt to fall in love with

Posted by Alicja on Apr 24th 2018
Can't say enough good things about this pattern, everything fits perfectly together, you are better than IKEA (what is almost not possible :-) ... ) Demonstration all of the steps in your videos is very helpful.

Button down shirt

Posted by Debbie Wooten on Feb 26th 2018
This pattern is amazing. It goes together nicely. The video is extremely helpful. The finished shirt is finished beautiful inside and out! Thank you!

Amazing attention to detail

Posted by Celiah Ann on Jan 14th 2018
I was incredibly impressed by the attention to detail that went into this pattern as well as the tutorial video on YouTube. It was so much fun to sew and for the size range and quality of pattern the prize is incredibly affordable. This is the first but by no means the last Frocks and Frolicks pattern I will sew. Thank you for such an incredible product!


Posted by jennifer phillips on Nov 30th 2017
I love all your patterns! They just seem to fit better and look more professional than the ones from other popular pattern companies! Thank you so much for what you do! I intend to purchase all of the patterns that you create! You are very talented!

Button down shirt

Posted by Kathy Archibald on Apr 7th 2017
Thankyou for a fabulous pattern and video tutorial. I really enjoyed making this shirt and the fit is perfection. The video tutorial is very thorough and extremely helpful. Will be making many more of these. I love all of your patterns but this one was special. I have no hesitatation in recommending this pattern to anyone wanting to make a professional looking shirt.


Posted by Melissa Calcutti on Jan 9th 2017
Hands down the best place to learn to sew children's clothing, the video support is fantastic! The designs do not look like a beginner project and are finished inside beautifully.


Posted by Rebecca Hill on Jan 9th 2017
I have only recently started sewing. I purchased a pattern from Spotlight and I was so confused! This pattern is so easy to follow, I love the fact that there is written instructions and videos on You Tube. I have successfully made a shirt for my son following this pattern :)
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