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"These patterns are loved by all the ladies in the family, [they're] master pieces of my wardrobe. The Frocks & Frolics pattern instructions are always very clear and makes them fast to assemble and easy to follow."


"This was such a wonderful pattern! It was well worth the price and has been so easy to follow along with! I am extremely satisfied and will definitely be buying more from here!"



"The entire set is so unique and you can't find it in the store. I am often asked where  I bought this set and with pride, I am so happy to say, I made it. If you want a perfectly designed pattern for your child look no more." 


Last year we showed you how to sew an adorable Christmas apron for you and the kids in our Facebook group 'sew-a-long'. This year its back, so pop on over to the academy site and sign up for the apron course. Its completely FREE this Christmas for all members! Your little ones will love helping out, cutting out the snowmen and using the textile markers. I am using our favorite half apron sewing pattern (also free for members) as a base and added the snowmen templates from our seasonal tree skirt (also free for members).