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Welcome to my site!

This website is all about quality patterns and sewing instructions. Visit the kids section for gorgeous dresses, tops and skirts, choose the pattern in the right format, A4 or letter size, and the link will take you to the correct listing at Craftsy.com or Etsy.com for secure checkout  where you can download the pattern immediately.

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I am one who loves to sew...everything except clothing that is! I always found the challenge too much for me. Then, I came across Marina's pattern a few days ago and decided it was so cute, I had to give it a try! This pattern, along with the video on you tube, made this dress quite fun to make. From start to finish, there was no real trouble with printing, cutting , piecing or sewing the pattern and Marina was a huge help, quick to respond when I needed it. There are lots of ways to make the dress "your own" when you sew it, all you need to do is imagine it! I highly recommend Marina's patterns and I intend to buy more in the future..

Diane Abel …………….read more reviews on Etsy.com

Sewing Success

The Lily Dress this time styled for the colder season. I used heavy chino with a bit of Lycra for comfort. Its a super easy dress just right for a special little girl. Available for sizes 2-6 in the ‘Kids’ section.

The pockets are the same as on the Megan dress but you can use the Bow pockets or the new Megan side pockets which come with the Baby Bird dress.

Over the weekend I made another apron as I was asked to do one with a bib. Sure thing I thought and added a ruffle and a few more techniques for ‘Improvers’ to make it interesting. It’s a bargain at only $3.00 and comes with the video and detailed written instructions.

And as the apron craze spreads my students are making more and more as Christmas presents. What are you waiting for; get the pattern and start sewing!

This pinafore dress is fully lined and no hem stitching in sight! Just a few tricks of the trade and you will be making these by the bucket loads!

The side pockets are super easy making this a perfect beginners pattern.

How about this stunning blouse. This really is either for sewers with a bit of experience  or beginner with severe attitude  :)

Seriously this isn’t easy but well worth it. Some of my sewing course ladies absolutely hated making it others went away and made more at home, you know best what you or cannot sew.


We are slowly getting there and my sewing courses coming to an end for the year. There are so many fabulous things made this year and I am so proud of everyone of my students. The two dresses on the left were made by Rachel and Amanda and were finished last week. On the left, Lynne opted for a colourful combination with strawberries and dots. Nice!

Apron Project
The Lily Dress
New for January
Your favourite frocks&frolics Video’s on You Tube

Simple Craft Ideas

The Baby Bird Pinafore with a butterfly design made by Christine from Kidderminster

What’s New ???

Well now there is a question! I have been a busy girl preparing my bag patterns for this summer term. Here is a sneak peak at what’s coming up.

Get the free pattern NOW

How cool is Charlie’s Spring bag?

Just great for the holidays, sit down and make one with a bit of felt, keep your little girl entertained for hours!

I absolutely loved the boys shirts they came out so well, however I need to do a few tweaks and a video before I can sell the pattern!

The Book Bag pattern is revised and ready to go as soon as the video instructions have been done,

(Another 4 weeks.. Probably)

The day bag is cute, but far from ready, shape, pockets it all still needs a lot of work! But my prototype is so coming on holiday with me!

Bag Projects

This summer we will be sewing products for the home and yourself. Bags, peg bags and other cute stuff. Courses start on the 3rd of June again, please check the Calendar for more info. I can’t promise the patterns will be ready for everyone following my courses via the Internet but they will be ready for the local sewing courses by June and everybody else as soon as the videos have been filmed and edited. Working with oilcloth was a real challenge and the super roller feet for the sewing machines arrived just as we were finishing, so it was a struggle but the result is still pretty stunning.

Introducing my ‘Box’ Bag

Everywhere, every day, its too cute for words. Make one for yourself and one for your daughter (just a little smaller!)

Introducing my ‘Messenger Bag’

Not easy, not difficult, somewhere in the middle,  :)

My fabric choice was a little boring, but make it in polka dots and it really pops!

Coming up

On the 20th of August I am launching my new bag pattern, which hasn’t got a name yet. Can you think of one? Post on my facebook page and if I chose yours you’ll get a set of patterns free!  Its a great hold all for afternoon shopping. If you are camper van obsessed then you can add plenty of those to it. Prefer sea side, not a problem. Any time of the year this is a great bag. The zip is recessed, so its thief safe.

Make a matching smaller version for your daughter or a super cute small bag for smaller children.

Add a great travel wallet and you all set. My travel wallet pattern is free and available through ‘Sew Mama Sew’ from the 21st of August.

The fabrics for these great bags came from:

‘Oh So Crafty’ & ‘Fabrics Direct’, both in Kidderminster.